If you have a home in Winchester, VA now is the time to sell. Traditionally November and December markets have not been the ideal time to list however 2020 has proven to break the mold in more than one way.  With the extremely limited housing inventory and the increasing demand I have buyers calling every day to find them their perfect home. Although every buyer has unique desires one thing has been ringing true. “We want Winchester!”  I have the buyers for  Snowden Bridge, Pioneer Heights, Sovereign Village, and The Ravens. If you are worried that you won’t find a new home rest assured, I will find what you are looking for. There is nothing set in stone about your move out date.  We can list your house and put a clause in the listing stating that you must find your home of choice before settling on your new home. It is that simple you find your dream home with a buyer waiting to purchase your current home and it is a win win! Call me to set up an appointment to find out more. 

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