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April 2018
“When I received a call one Saturday afternoon I never expected the person on the other end to tell me they were a REALTOR® and they wanted to to sell my farm. I argued with her for a good ten minutes telling her my farm is not for sale on line it is a misprint.  She politely listened to me yelling at her and asked if she could come over. Shorty after she arrived I explained to her that I would sell it AS IS with every problem and everything in it and I would not fix a thing move or clean a thing. I would not do anything to change it.  I thought she would leave she just said so you will sell it?  AS IS YES I went on to tell her the same thing about a hundred times. You see I already had a few people say that they would sell it as is but they never ever did they just kept telling me I needed to fix it up. She said well “I think that I should tell you, if you did do some work to it you would get more money for it but your the owner I will do as you wish and list it as is.”  I told her again AS IS everything stays, to be honest I never thought she would sell it but within a week she had a contract! I did have to yell AS IS a few more times but she told me “I have to show you the offer its a rule” but in the end she somehow got it done. I had the house and farm sold by the end of the month for over what I asked for it and AS IS. She is one of a kind.”
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