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The Right Agent For You
February 2019
At first my list of what I was looking for in my new home didn’t seem to be that complicated. It seemed the saved real estate searches were coming up with a new house for me to look at everyday.  Each would fit my budget, be in the right school district, not have an HOA and have the charm and character I so desired.  However with each home came a surprise and each more undesirable than the last. When Nadeem started to help me look I really felt that she was going to eventually give up but she never did. She kept looking until she found me the perfect one.  She came to every inspection and helped through every single part of the transaction it was as if we were buying to house together. She invests her time and energy in each of the homes she shows to you as if she was a member of your family. If you want someone who is as invested in your future as you are she is the right agent for you. 
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